HIS Process Capabilities

HIS Process Solutions Group offers comprehensive fabrication services and we are committed to your satisfaction and success. We will work in close collaboration with you to achieve a standard of excellence that is simply unsurpassed. Our core competencies include but are not limited to


Precision Orbital TIG Welding

At HIS we currently have 21 qualified procedures under ASME Section IX for Stainless Steel and Hastelloy materials. Using our closed chamber weld heads we can fabricate standard tube diameters down to .125” and as large as 6.00”. The inert gas atmosphere in the closed chamber creates an environment that removes the O2 residuals from entering the weld puddle during its molten stage, even with the most sensitive of materials we can provide a product that will have zero discoloration and a minimal HAZ.  At HIS we purify and filter our weld gas beyond industry standards. This ensures our Semiconductor Microelectronics, BPE and industrial customers will not have voids in welds that could be detrimental to their end process.


Gas and Chemical Handling Assemblies

HIS can turnkey your welded sub assembly into a gas stick, gas panel or whatever your top level requirement may be. HIS has supported the high purity market for over 25 years we are the team that understands how critical even the smallest particulate can affect your application. All Gas and Chemical Assemblies can also be helium leak, particle tested and or moisture tested internally in our ISO Class 5 clean room environment.


High Vacuum Technologies Fabrication

Our organization made its name in the High Vacuum Market. We are the tried and true experts when it comes to High Vacuum Fabrication. HIS has a state of the art fabrication facility comprised of the latest inverter based TIG welding equipment, positioners and fixturing on the market. Our worldwide approved vacuum components are stocked in house which allows our fabrication team to leverage material price at nearly cost on welded assemblies for our customers. Having this product on the shelf also reduces the customer lead time. HIS also fabricates UHV process chambers, cold traps, and custom welded assemblies for the most advanced technologies in the world.


Precision CNC Machining

HIS’ machining capabilities include 3-Axis CNC milling, surface machining, drilling, reaming, tapping, thread milling, helicoils, dowel pins, and even broaching. Our shop handles quick turn service, short run, and full production orders. Lead times may vary based on desired quantity, but we are willing and able to do the work.

Our work is mostly 300 series Stainless Steel, Inconel , Hastelloy and 6061 aluminum. We are capable of cutting a variety of materials including stainless steel, plastic, titanium, molybdenum, hastelloy and other exotic metals.